My top 10 travel accessories


It tends to be my biggest bragging point :) but to do it well, requires planning (and time). 

Most of us will spend the next 3 weeks, rushing around shopping for other people.

So I thought I would help us both out by rounding up 10 of my top favorite vacation must-haves and share them with you here. 

Go ahead, skip the holiday shopping craziness and spend that time day-dreaming about your upcoming adventures.

Bonus: 9 of the 10 brands are run and founded by women. 

  1. SATYA TWENA Pom Pom Resort Hat. The perfect fun cure for my black bikini habit.
  2. SOL A MER 2-in-1, Reversible UV-protective hat. The only hat I travel with (it packs neatly). 
  3. MISS MOCHILA Woven Bag. The small ones are the cutest (& limit schlepping).
  4. OSEA MALIBU Sea Vitamin Boost. My go to for hydrating my skin after sun.
  5. FUJI INSTAX My instant gratification camera. I take photos and write notes and give to friends
  6. TWO NEW YORK Gorgeous Caftan. On my list to buy, super chic (love the gold edge).
  7. PLEAT Beautiful hand crafted fans. I look glamorous on the beach when I use my pink one.
  8. ELINA LINARDAKI Gladiator sandals (hand crafted in Greece). In my etsy cart. 
  9. MURAD OSSMAN A must follow. I love their photos, perfect for travel and inspiration.
  10. COCO & BREEZY Badass shade. Love these shades, I feel as cool as they look.
*The above recommendations have not been sponsored.
Each product has been selected and adored by me, Satya (click here to watch me juggle).
Note: I design, love and own both Satya Twena and Sol a Mer.