Look like Audrey, Walk like Marilyn & Smile like Liz

I love this hat. Why?

Because when I wear it, I look and feel Audrey.  

And when you wear something this sexy...
You walk like the world's your catwalk. You move like Marilyn and smile like Liz.


  1. GIRL CRUSH,  Iskra bold, beautiful and love her body. An inspiration for every woman. 
  2. HAT CRUSH, Sol A Mer Genoa in black. It packs neatly into my luggage and has a secret wallet.  
  3. SHADE CRUSH,  Karen Walker #rosegold sunnies.
  4. BOOK CRUSH, I am Malala Inspire action.
  5. TOWEL CRUSH, The Beach People round with pattern #love.
  6. SUIT CRUSH,  Marysia this suit inspires fun. 
  7. CASE CRUSH,  Fendi because being weird is always interesting. 
  8. BAG CRUSH,  Connox loving this plastic tote; easy to get sand out. 
  9. TECH CRUSH,  Jawbone Jambox I don't travel without mine.
  10. SHOE CRUSH, Fendi these beauties are such chic retro colors.
  11. LOCATION CRUSH, Petite St Vincent beautiful sunsets & snorkeling.