Look even better & have more fun.

I love rose gold. Why?

It's an amazing color which looks seductively gorgeous on you. Why?

Because rose gold is one of those colors that looks amazing, no matter your complexion (there aren't many colors that do that, not even black).

And when you wear something that looks good on you...do you know what happens?

You walk with confidence, you have more fun and you smile.

I often get asked about what to wear with specific hat colors. This week I'm going to email you how I'd style my favorite Sol a Mer hats with my favorite products.

*Each item is hand-selected by me. These are not sponsored products. If it's here, it's because I love it.



1. GIRL CRUSH,  Rocky Barnes (photo by sam lippke). Gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside.  We love Rocky! 

2. HAT CRUSH, Sol A Mer Rose Gold Solie. I love this hat because it's sexy and it's sun protective. It packs neatly into my luggage and has a secret wallet.  

3. SHADE CRUSH,  Chanel (photo by The Glamourai & Ann Street studios) Need these.

4. BOOK CRUSH, The Complete Stories Every vacay should include an Oprah recommended book.

5. TOWEL CRUSH, Zimmermann Swim Soft and so much more fun than a single-boring-color towel.

6. SUIT CRUSH,  Zimmermann Swim A suit like a bond girl. 

7. CASE CRUSH,  Bandolier Love this iphone case, super chic and holds my cash and credit cards.

8. BAG CRUSH,  JadeTribe I always say yes to a pom pom. 

9. JEWEL CRUSH,  Chan Luu Stacking these for a unique arm party.

10. SHOE CRUSH,  CocoBelle Made in Bali by a beautiful, warm couple. #couplecrush

11. LOCATION CRUSH, Casa Malca Tulum. A hotel that takes it's decor and art as seriously as I take my vacation. Perfecto