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I first started making hats for my mom when she lost her hair undergoing Cancer treatment using nothing but a Jiffy steamer and a home iron.


9 years later...and my mom is doing amazing and the inspiration behind both my Hat brands, Satya Twena and Sol a Mer.

While I started making Sol a Mer hats 3 years ago before taking a beach vacation, it wasn't until my skin changed after giving birth to my daughter that I really understood my mission with Sol a Mer hats. Up until 2016 my skin was completely normal. Hats were just for aesthetics; but now they are a necessity. Between my new skin condition (Vitiligo) and just being more cautious - I have realized the importance of having a hat companion like Sol a Mer.

Over the last few years I have designed, tested and finally perfected the only easy-to-travel, sun-protective hat you need.

No more Schlepping or Worrying about if your skin is protected. I promise, I've got you covered!

-Our Amazing Hat Team-

Each hat is handled and inspected by a passionate member of our Hat team.

  • Louis
  • Honey
  • Malka
  • Indira
  • Sebestian