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I started making hats for my mom when she lost her hair undergoing Cancer treatment and needed something soft to cover her bare head. I started by making hats out of my small NYC apartment using a Jiffy steamer and my home oven.


5 years later...and my mom is still kicking butt and she's the inspiration behind Sol a Mer.

Three years ago before heading on a beach vacation, my mom told me to take a sun protective hat.

This was the first time that I had looked into buying a UV-protective hat.

I didn't find any which fit my style.

A few days later, flying out of JFK, I observed women lugging hats (stacked two to three tall) through security and onto planes to then carefully park them on their laps...(what?)... 

This seemed crazy! So I decided to design a solution. One hat that would make a difference for adventurous women like me.

Over the last three years we've designed and tested many options and created one perfect travel hat with UV-protection and is packable.

Hasta la vista schlepping, Hello adventure!

-Our Amazing Hat Team-

Each hat is handled and inspected by a passionate member of our New York City Hat team.

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